The San Ysidro Public Library

The San Ysidro Public Library


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After extensive community input, we are able to reveal the new design for the San Ysidro Public Library. I want to thank the community for strongly advocating for this project. It has been a long and challenging road to get here but I am proud of our community’s perseverance and commitment.

Our current library was built in 1924 and while it has been a fixture for over 90 years, at over 30,000 plus residents, the community has now outgrown it. This 15,000-square-foot library will be located at 123. E Seaward Avenue on a 1.62-acre lot acquired by the City in 2015. Together, we were able to secure both the site and the remaining funding for this project.

San Ysidro deserves a state-of-the-art facility that provides world class access to information and technology. Getting this new public library has always been and will continue to be a priority of mine. I am overwhelmed to stand with you today as we take these next steps together.



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