KPBS: Boy From The Barrio: David Alvarez And The Race To Be San Diego Mayor

In the soft light of dawn, a sleepy looking David Alvarez walks quickly out the front door of his Logan Heights home dressed in his signature dark suit. The suit seems a size too big on the 33 year-old councilman, perhaps because he always appears boyish, with round cheeks giving him something of a baby face.

His hair springs from his head — he hasn’t yet had time to gel it down. “I just use whatever my wife has around” he says, taming his locks while jumping into an aide's car.

Alvarez is starting another long day of campaigning. First up are visits to several African American churches. A canceled debate the night before had given him a respite. “I held my daughter on my lap and we watched the Aztec’s game” he said, cherishing time spent with his four year old. “She’s a sports fan. I held her for an hour; we just lay on the couch, I haven’t had a chance to do that for a while.”

Alvarez has been going pretty much non-stop since he entered the race for mayor. His challenge is a big one: Before he can even think about winning, he has to get San Diegans outside of his district just to know who he is.

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