KPBS: San Diego City Council District 8 Debate

District 8 encompasses the southernmost parts of the City of San Diego. The communities of District 8 include Barrio Logan, Golden Hill, Otay Mesa and San Ysidro. Candidates David Alvarez and Felipe Hueso are running to represent District 8. They join us this morning on These Days to debate the issues.

"I'm David Alvarez, and I'm running for City Council because I believe our city deserves a fresh start, it's ready for a fresh start. I think in particular in district eight, residents are fed up with the mismanagement, and incompetence that has occurred in our city over the last several years. I think they're tired of pot holes that aren't getting fixed, streets that any unpaved, all of the public safety cuts that have occurred over the last several years and have really put our families in danger. And they're also tired and fed up of the failed policies and failed leadership that we had. So I am running because I want to provide a fresh start, I have experience working in our community over the last 14 years, I've been a teacher, a mentor working with disadvantaged kids, I've also proudly worked serving senator Cheney as a district representative on the issues that are important to the people of district eight, fighting for our neighborhoods, and it's for that reason, that I'm running, and I think we deserve a fresh start."

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