KPBS: Who Were Big Winners And Losers In Last Night's Election?

We speak to representatives on both sides of the Proposition D debate about how the city will move forward now that the proposal has failed. Hear from the new city councilman for the 8th District, David Alvarez. And, we talk to County Supervisors, Bill Horn and Ron Roberts, who were re-elected last night. Also, learn more about the propositions that will change California government.

"I really want to focus on my communities and neighborhoods in district eight which have been neglected for a long time. That message was loud and clear from voters when I was talking to them, walking door to door, we had a succession of politicians who get elected to the seat, going back 20 years now, where they basically each select who their council member is gonna be, and this is a drastic change in that. It's because people want to see who's gonna be accountable to them and their needs. And like I said, our neighborhoods are so diverse, and each individual needs individualized attention and focus to see the things that people want to see get done. So my focus will be first and foremost on the people of district 8 and the neighborhoods of district eight. And most definitely on the challenges facing our city and how that impacts district 8 directly."

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