Fighting for You!

  1. David Alvarez voted in favor of SB-54 to protect our beaches. This bill aims to reduce single-use plastics and styrofoam in California.
  2. David Alvarez supported a historic investment in TK-12th grade education throughout California. This $4.5 billion investment will allow all local school districts to offer before-, after- and summer-school options to allow kids to catch up from the “pandemic learning loss”.
  3. David Alvarez’s top priority is education. During his City Council term, he built a brand new library in San Ysidro that was promised to the community for decades. Since being elected to the State Assembly in June 2022, David has secured $25 million to build a new library and SDSU film and television educational campus in Chula Vista. This funding and infrastructure will also serve as a foundation for a four-year South Bay University. 
  4. Since being elected in June, David Alvarez co-authored legislation (AB2248) that will bring up to $100 million to combat the cross-border pollution disaster and to help keep San Diego beaches healthy and open for public use.
  5. David Alvarez voted in favor of HERO Pay which provides a one-time financial bonus for frontline medical workers and public safety officers in California.
  6. California is in dire need of more housing to reduce costs of living. David Alvarez co-authored legislation AB2011 that reduces regulations and streamlines the development of housing while also providing well-paid jobs to those who work on these projects.
  7. Utility Payment Assistance Programs are significantly under-enrolled in California. David Alvarez presented SB1208 which requires utility companies to develop a single universal application for low-income assistance programs.
  8. In this years State Budget, David Alvarez supported $20m to end the toll on the 125-South bay Expressway.
  9. David Alvarez has advocated for and continues to support Otay Mesa 2, a new port of entry that will significantly improve trade efficiency and reduce border wait times. He recently presented SB-985 in the Assembly to authorize the construction and operation of the border crossing infrastructure.
  10. David Alvarez supports mental health reform and CARE Court to help get mentally ill and people with other disorders off the streets to receive healthcare.
  11. David Alvarez supports reproductive freedom and voted in favor of grant funding for community-based organizations to conduct medically accurate and culturally competent outreach and education on sexual health and reproductive health issues.
  12. David Alvarez supports a suspension of the gas tax.
  13. David Alvarez voted in favor of the 2022 Tax Rebate which includes a one-time payment for eligible Californians, including an increase in Social Security payments, to help pay for rising cost of groceries and other basic needs.. An average household of 4 will receive up to $750, while SSI / SSP recipients will receive $39 / month for two years ($934 total).
  14. David Alvarez is a member of the Long-Term Care and Aging Committee and recently voted in favor of $61 million grant funding for a Senior Isolation Prevention Program for the elderly.
  15. California is currently spending a record-high $110,000 per inmate annually. As of 2020, 46% of individuals released in California are reconvicted within 3 years. David Alvarez believes in second chances and wants to help reduce prison recidivism. He voted in favor of permanent funding for Bachelor Degree programs in seven CA State Prisons. 
  16. David Alvarez also supported AB2730 which will relocate eligible inmates with less than 2 years remaining of their sentence to independent living campuses within prison grounds to help prepare them for full participation in society.
  17. David Alvarez supports and voted in favor of a Homeless Hiring Tax Credit to incentivize businesses to hire those who struggle with housing.
  18. California is in need of additional health care practitioners with increased expertise to prepare us for the next pandemic. David Alvarez presented legislation authored by Sen. Ben Hueso that will authorize CSU to issue a Doctorate of Public Health (PhD), the highest professional degree within the healthcare sector.
  19. David Alvarez has a proven record of calling out corruption, such as on the 101 Ash Street debacle during his term on the City Council. Only one month after being elected, the Speaker of the Assembly appointed David Alvarez as chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which oversees and examines the performance of State Agencies and Programs.