2013 State and Federal Legislative Priorities

January 8, 2013

I am pleased to offer the following state and federal legislative priorities and projects for the2013 Legislative Package:

State Priorities:

1. Redevelopment/Economic Development

o Support efforts to maximize former redevelopment funds for affordable housing

o Support efforts to maximize former redevelopment funds for transit-oriented development

o Support efforts to maximize former redevelopment funds and current Enterprise Zone funding for low and moderate census tracts to combat high levels of unemployment

2. Infrastructure

o Support lowering the vote threshold to pass a parcel tax from 66.7% to 55% of the electorate for passage of infrastructure bonds

o Support efforts to fully implement Proposition 39 to ensure effective funding of aging San Diego school and city facilities

3. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Reform

o Participate strategically and proactively in any statewide CEQA reform efforts to ensure the following:

• A region-wide perspective on environmental issues is preserved

• Coordination continues and is improved between all development-related processes (planning, zoning, endangered species, climate change, etc.)

• The strict mandate for public agencies to consider and disclose to the public the environmental implications oftheir actions is upheld (including adding a requirement to close the administrative record before a hearing)

• Mitigation measures and project alternatives are implemented, and monitored for success

4. Open Space Dedication

o Seek state legislation to continue the City-owned open space dedication process.

5. Water/Wastewater

o Ensure timely state permitting process and streamlining of regulatory issues for Indirect Potable Reuse approval

o Seek grants for implementation ofiPR development projects

Federal Priorities:

6. Federal grant funding

o Seek grants to address the City's responsibilities to comply with the 2015 expiration of the Point Lorna Wastewater Treatment Plant Clean Water Act 301(h) waiver

7. Immigration Reform

o Support meaningful reform to immigration policies that impact our border region

8. Sports Fishing

o Support efforts of the chartered sports fishing industry to operate in Baja California with consistent and reasonable rules and regulations

9. Assault Weapons Ban

o Recommend for Council adoption, a resolution supporting the reinstatement of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and urging the California Congressional delegation to support legislation proposed by Senator Diane Feinstein to accomplish the ban.

Federal Projects:

1. Harbor Drive Freeway Access Improvement Project:

o This project provides direct truck access away from the neighboring communities to the interregional freeway system at Interstate 5 and Interstate 15. It will reduce truck traffic on neighboring streets and reduce impacts on the surrounding communities. There are two proposals that would accomplish these goals:

• Harbor Drive at 32"d Street: This project proposes a grade-separated structure to improve truck access to the freeway system by reducing railway conflicts and traffic congestion. The 32nd Street grade separation improvement will create additional benefits by providing a direct connection to the freeway system. This alternative proposes to construct an elevated structure over the freight, rail/trolley lines and the heavily congested 32nd/Wabash Blvd/Norman Scott Rd intersection by extending 1-15 to Harbor Drive. The profile ofHarbor Drive would be raised to connect to the 1-15 structure. In addition, a new bridge would be constructed at Vesta Street over Harbor Drive, connecting both sides of the Naval Base.

• Harbor Drive Single Lane Connector: An alternative to the above project is constructing a single-lane connector from southbound Harbor Drive to I-15 and from I-15 to northbound Harbor Drive. This alternative would also include a new bridge at Vesta Street over Harbor Drive, connecting both sides of the Naval Base.

2. Funding of Phases II and III of the San Ysidro Port of Entry Modernization, San Ysidro:

o Will complete funding for expanded vehicle and pedestrian border crossing. Border wait times have been shown to have a direct economic impact on our region. This project will add northbound capacity and make the crossing more efficient to reduce average wait times.

3. Funding of Otay Mesa Port of Entry Modernization, Otay Mesa:

o Will complete funding for expanded vehicle, commercial vehicle, and pedestrian border crossing. Making the crossing more efficient for commercial vehicles adds to the economic growth of our region and makes the Otay Mesa area more competitive with other bi-national regions.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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