2016 Budget & Government Efficiency Committee Priorities

January 21, 2016

In response to your memorandum of January 4, 2016 soliciting priorities for the Budget & Government Efficiency Committee, I urge your careful consideration of the following:

Equal Opportunity Contracting (EOC) Improvements/City of San Diego Disparity Study: The City's EOC Program is intended to ensure diversity and to safeguard against discrimination in City contracts. Its purpose is to ensure fairness in the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. In order for the City to improve its EOC program goals and in order to adopt a race or gender-conscious preference program to remedy any perceived discrimination, the City must first commission a disparity study specific to the San Diego marketplace. The Committee should discuss the need for a study and work with staff to comission one in 2016.

Review of City policies regarding sole source contracts:
Issuance of sole source contracts should be only be done under circumstances that demand swift action, such as an emergency, or when the scope of a contract is so limited only one entity could fulfill the contractual obligations. The Committee should discuss the criteria and conditions under which sole source contracts can be entered into by the city and make any needed adjustments to the current policy to ensure that the city always benefits from a competitive process when possible.

Use of RPTTF funds in economically distressed areas:
The Committee should discuss the most appropriate use ofRPTTF funds for FYI 7 and beyond. A FYI 7 budget recommendation should be made and forwarded to the Mayor and full City Council on how this funding should be utilized this year, in conjunction with any action taken by the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee on this issue.

Updates regarding the following issues:

• Tourism Marketing District
• Citywide vacancies and positions filled per FYI 6 budget
• Convention Center Corporation budget and CIP program
• SDCERS actuarial reports and system earnings update

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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