Appointment to the Southeastern Economic Development Corporation, Board of Directors

October 31, 2011

The Southeastern EconomicDevelopment Corporation Board of Directors has one vacancy to be filled by the CityCouncil. It is with great pleasure that Councilmember Alvarez and I nominateMr. Omar Passons to fill this position.

Mr. Passons is a practicing attorney at the San Diego Office of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez,Trester LLP, engaging in all aspects of litigation related to employment practices and civil litigation. He is a member of the San Diego County BarAssociation’s Construction and Employment Law section and a member of San DiegoDefense Lawyers. Mr. Passons has been an active member of several boards and commissions, and most recently was elected President of the Board of Directors for the North Park Community Association and Children Having Children.

Mr. Passons received his Master’sDegree in Public Health from the University of Arizona in 2000, and his JurisDoctor from George Mason University School of Law in 2005.

We are confident that Mr. Passons' professional experience and commitment to the community will make him a high-quality addition to this board.  


David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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