CDBG FY 2012 Allocations

March 21, 2011

Today, the CityCouncil will consider funding the Neil Good Day Center with FY 2012 CDBG funds.This is a major departure from the procedure that the City Council has followed thus far. Although I believe the NeilGood Day Center to be a worthy recipient of CDBG funding, there are a number of organizations that equally deserve this funding that were not funded for FY2012, but received more support from the Council than the Neil Good DayCenter.  As there is apparently more funding currently available than staff had anticipated, it makes sense that we continue to follow the process that has guided us through to this point.  Organizations that received more votes thanNeil Good Day Center should be considered for funding first.  It is for this reason that Barrio Station should receive significant consideration for funding while we are discussing final action on CDBG FY 2012 allocations, as they received three votes in the original process.

 Further, if we are willing to contemplate departures from the process that has been set up for eligible organizations and this City Council to follow, I believe that CASAFamiliar, whose CDBG application was disqualified on a slight technical issue, should be allowed to compete for funding.  CASA Familiar is a 501(c) (3), community-based, widely recognized authority when it comes to understanding the unique challenges faced by border communities. They offer over fifty programs spanning the areas of human services, community development, recreation services, technology, arts and culture, and education.  

In sum, the NeilGood Day Center received zero votes in the first round of CDBG FY 2012allocations. Respectfully, the Council should be open to other qualified applicants that did not receive the five votes by the first CDBG hearing.  Further, if this Council is willing to waive the recognized funding process in one area, we should be open to allowing an established community organization like CASA Familiar that submitted an application in good faith, but was disqualified on a relatively minor procedural issue to also be considered for funding this year.   In the interest of fairness, we request your support to consider funding for Barrio Station (Application # 3.2), Nestor CommunityHealth Clinic (Application # 3.17), and CASA Familiar for the CDBG FY2012allocation.


David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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