Climate Action Plan Implementation Working Group

February 25, 2016

At its meeting on November 30, 2015, the Committee on the Environment moved to approve the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and included direction for the Committee Consultant to work with the City Attorney’s office to create a stakeholder working group. The CAP Implementation Working Group is charged with advising the Committee on the implementation of the CAP, including adaptation, on a quarterly basis, or as needed. The Working Group will work closely with the Mayor’s Office and department staff to evaluate the resources allocated to CAP implementation and advise the Committee on the metrics of success.  

The Working Group shall meet as determined by Chair of the Environment Committee (Chair) to review the 2016 draft implementation plan and to provide a final set of recommendations to the Committee before the implementation plan is presented to City Council. The Working Group will continue to meet after the CAP implementation plan is reviewed by the City Council to monitor, advise, and receive updates from staff or other Council advisory committee or board representatives on the implementation of the CAP, as available. As there are several Council boards and committees working in support of implementation of components of the CAP, efforts will be made to coordinate closely with those groups to minimize staff time requested for presentations.

The CAP Implementation Working Group shall be composed of seventeen (17) members appointed by and including the Committee Chair. The Chair of the Environment Committee shall serve as Chair of the Working Group. One other Committee member shall serve as Vice Chair. The remaining members shall be professionals representing the following stakeholder interests:

1. At-Large
2. Building & Construction Industry
3. Business Owner/Advocate
4. Energy Provider
5. Environmental Advocate
6. Environmental Justice
7. Labor Representative
8. Land Use Planning
9. Regional Chamber of Commerce
10. Solid Waste and Disposal Industry
11. Sustainable Energy
12. Transportation Planning
13. Water/Potable Reuse
14. Climate Research (advisory)
15. Public Health (advisory)

As there are several Council boards and committees working in support of implementation of components of the CAP (typically topic-specific), efforts have been made to ensure some members of the Working Group are also current representatives from the other advisory bodies. The representatives can be responsible for providing updates on CAP-related efforts from their topic-specific board or committee to the Working Group and communicate discussion summaries, recommendations, etc. from the Working Group back to their respective board or committee. This structure will ensure consistency and efficiency in working hours among the various advisory groups in recommendations, updates, and communication. The other advisory bodies include, but are not limited to, the Sustainable Energy Advisory Board, the Community Forestry Advisory Board, the Planning Commission, and the Bicycle Advisory Board.  

The Working Group will hold an initial meeting in March and will meet again to review the proposed implementation plan when it is released in April. The first regularly scheduled quarterly update meeting will be held in October.

I have attached the roster of stakeholders who have agreed to participate on the Working Group (attachment 1).

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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