Climate Action Plan Implementation Working Group Appointments

April 29, 2016

On February 25, 2016, I announced the formation of the Climate Action Plan Implementation Working Group. The participation of each identified stakeholder is critical to the success of the Climate Action Plan being implemented in a successful way. This memorandum serves to announce the appointment of some outstanding individuals to the currently vacant stakeholder seats.

To ensure the Working Group has membership well versed in climate change science, I have appointed Dr. Tim Barnett to fill the “Climate Research” stakeholder seat. Dr. Barnett has over 40 years of experience in marine research, much of it performed at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He has advised various government agencies such as NOAA, NASA, JPL, DOE and the EPA on climate change and remote sensing, and has been a resource for local and national media outlets regarding issues such as sea level rise, climate change, El Nino weather patterns and greenhouse effects. Dr. Barnett will be a great resource for the Working Group to rely on regarding technical questions regarding climate change research.

Additionally, Mr. H. Eugene Myers will serve in the “Business Owner/Business Advocate” stakeholder seat. Mr. Myers is a retired attorney and was one of the founders of CEM-CORP, which engages in the repair of naval ships and was active in Port of San Diego Shipyard Association activities. He now co-owns and operates a small business, Pardon My French restaurant, and has been active in community planning efforts as well, including representing property owners in the Commercial Street Transportation Corridor. He is actively involved in efforts to preserve sensitive habitat and reducing the carbon footprint associated with traffic throughout San Diego. Mr. Myers will be a great addition to the Working Group, as he will bring both a small business perspective to the working group, as well as decades of experience in the importance of local industry in the Port of San Diego.

Finally, the “Sustainable Energy” stakeholder, Ms. Hanna Greene, Policy Manager, Energy Efficiency and Building Performance with the Center for Sustainable Energy, has determined she will be unable to serve on the Working Group and has resigned her seat. Although Ms. Greene’s expertise will be missed, it is my pleasure to announce the “Sustainable Energy” stakeholder seat will be filled by Mr. Josh Brock. Mr. Brock is the Director of Community Development with Renovate America, Inc., which operates the HERO PACE Program in northern areas of the City. Mr. Brock is well versed in the impact that PACE programs are having throughout California and can speak directly to the issues the City must discuss regarding the transition to greater investment in renewable energy. I am confident that Mr. Brock will contribute greatly to the Working Group’s efforts and I look forward to working with him in the coming months.

I have attached a revised roster for the Working Group that is up to date with the release of this memorandum.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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