Climate Action Plan Implementation Working Group Recommendations regarding Proposed CAP Implementation Plan

May 9, 2016

On May 6, 2016, the Climate Action Plan Implementation Working Group (CAPIWG) met to discuss the proposed Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan. I am providing the CAPIWG’s recommendations to the Environment Committee to you so that you can take them into account while reviewing the FY17proposed budget and the many CAP actions included within it.

Motion by CAPIWG Member South, second by CAPIWG Member Escobar-Eck to make the following recommendations to the Environment Committee regarding the proposed CAP Implementation Plan:

1. On page 9 of the Implementation Plan, state the need to conduct a ‘development standards analysis’ under the “Additional Actions Requiring Further Effort” section;
2. Compare CAP allocations to actual budget;
3. Develop a 5-10 year roadmap in order to demonstrate who the City will achieve CAP goals;
4. The additional senior planner position in the Economic Development Department in the FY17 budget meant to support the implementation of the CAP should focus on social equity in the CAP;
5. Conduct an analysis of CAP investments being made in underserved communities, including career paths being created;
6. Provide regular updates on the City website that track progress towards CAP goals;
7. Highlight CAP efforts in future proposed budgets;

8. All Capital Improvement Projects should make every effort to use recycled content material in order to support Zero Waste efforts;
9. Develop a CAP public education and outreach plan to better inform communities about CAP efforts and impacts;
10. Under the climate resiliency section of the implementation plan, in the paragraph that mentions how the Pure Water Program will help the San Diego region against droughts, add additional text to state that the water produced by the Pure Water Program “is a sustainable and locally controlled water supply that will provide one-third of the City’s water by 2035.”
11. Develop and incorporate strategies and actions to address sea level rise in coastal zones;
12. Increase coordination within City departments that show when projects, grants and Council actions affect CAP goals, possible by adding a new section to the “Request for Council Action” 1472 form.

The motion passed by the following vote:
Yea: Alvarez, Sherman, Escobar-Eck, Adams, Myers, LaCava, Anderson, Capretz, Lopez, Mitrosky, Blackson, Karafin, South, Brock, Parent
Nay: None
Recused: None
Not Present: Bekkar, Steirer

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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