District Specific Winter Storm Preparation

November 5, 2015

Strong El Nino conditions are forecasted for this winter, which is likely to result in heavy rain storms. Scripps researchers have predicted that there is over a 95% probability of those El Nino weather conditions continuing through this winter. In order to proactively take all possible steps to prevent serious flooding conditions throughout the city, it is clear that a number of city channels are at a very high risk of flooding need maintenance work prior to any heavy rains hitting the San Diego region. At the November 4, 2015, Environment Committee meeting, the committee voted to direct Transportation and Storm Water Department staff to file all appropriate permits to initiate emergency work in high risk flood channels as soon as possible.  

In conjunction with this action, the committee also requested that each Councilmember submit areas of concern within their district that may flood to the Transportation and Storm Water Department so that those areas can be considered in the department’s efforts to perform preventative and/or emergency maintenance to prevent flooding conditions.

Please submit your comments to the Transportation and Storm Water Department by Monday November 9, 2015, in order to allow as much time as possible for evaluation of each site and for maintenance work to begin.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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