Formation of the Municipal Golf Committee

February 14, 2013

After further discussion with city staff and other stakeholders we would like to revise the recommendations contained in our February 5, 2013 memorandum regarding formation of the Municipal Golf Committee. We welcome NR&C committee members' feedback and ideas at the next meeting.

The committee should be comprised of nine members serving in an advisory capacity to the Park and Recreation Board, Mayor, and City Council on policy issues relating to the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of the city's three municipal golf courses. The committee should operate with bylaws, members subject to terms of service, and a chair appointed by the Mayor. It is suggested that four of the candidates be selected for an initial two-year term and five for four-year terms with subsequent appointments to be on a four-year cycle- the maximum number of terms is two. The nine committee positions should be filled based on the experience categories listed below and those positions designated by area of expertise should not be filled with course club members.

1. Accountant and/or Financial Management
2. Municipal Golf Course Lessee
3. General Business
4. Golf Course Architect, Landscape Architect, Irrigation Management
5. Torrey Pines Golf Course Men's and/or Women's Clubs
6. Balboa Park Golf Course Men's and/or Women's Clubs
7. Mission Bay At Large, until such time the course has a Club which can represent it
8. Youth golf program professional
9. At Large

Once an ordinance is passed establishing this committee, we propose that the Council offices make nominations to the Mayor's office for the various categories and that the Mayor appoint individuals for each category. The Mayor's appointments will be subject to Council approval.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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