FY15 Priority TransNet projects

July 14, 2014

In response to your January 24, 2014 memorandum requesting projects that would qualify for FY15 Transnet Funds I have identified the following projects for consideration.  In addition to current projects funded by Transnet that should continue to move forward this year, such as Palm Avenue roadway improvements, I would request the following projects be considered for Transnet funding in FY15:

Bicycle Infrastructure

25th Street/Ocean View Blvd. Bikeway between Market Street to Commercial Street
Bayshore Bikeway
Hollister Street Bikeway
W. San Ysidro Blvd. Bikeway between Dairy Mart Road to southern terminus of San Ysidro Blvd

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming at the intersection of Market and 31st Street
Traffic calming at Cypress Alley (Nestor area)
Traffic Signals:
o W. San Ysidro at Averil
o W. San Ysidro at Alverson
o Beyer at Smythe Crossing
o 31st and National
"Flashing  Yellow" Traffic Lights (2 Locations)

Improvements and Repair

La Media Rd. widening
Coronado Ave./ Hollister St. improvements
Palm Ave./Saturn Bl. intersection improvements
Saturn Bl. improvements - Coronado Ave. to Leon Ave.
Old Otay Mesa Rd.- Westerly
Road Connector: W. Calle Primera to Camino de la Plaza
Bridge Deck at Friendship Plaza including new I-805 on-ramp
Reconfigure I-5 Southband Off-Ramp at Via de San Ysidro
I-5 Bridge Deck Between Pedestrian Bridge & Via de San Ysidro
Elevate Trolley Tracks, Del Sur Blvd to E. Beyer Overpass
Street Repaving (4 locations)
o Pedestrian improvements on Old Otay Mesa Rd.
o Pedestrian Overpass at Del Sur and Beyer Bl.
o New sidewalk on Cottonwood Rd. from Beyer Bl. to Foothill Rd. (west side)
o New sidewalks in San Ysidro (6 locations)

Street Lights

Street lights at various locations in Council District 8. See attached list (attachment A).

Thank you for your attention to these projects.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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