Nomination of Carolina Rodriguez-Adjunta to Bicycle Advisory Board

April 24, 2017

I am pleased to nominate Carolina Rodriguez-Adjunta to the City of San Diego's Bicycle Advisory Board.

Ms. Rodriguez-Adjunta is Deputy Director of Operations and Programs for the Climate Action Campaign, a local nonprofit formed to stop climate change. She believes in combining the power of technology, politics, and research to combat climate change and protect those most afflicted by its impact.

Carolina studied biology and computer science at UC Berkeley where she earned her B.A. She was a board member of the Berkeley Student Food Collective and participated in Oakland's urban gardens, fostering discussions about food sovereignty and sustainability both on and off campus. She continues to integrate her enthusiasm for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into her fight for climate justice, and offers her multicultural worldview and adaptive skill set to spur political progress and civic engagement in San Diego.

Carolina celebrates riding bikes, neurodiversity, cross cultural connections and the great healing power of the outdoors.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate such a knowledgeable and well qualified candidate.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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