Open and Transparent Government City Charter Reforms Revisions for February 25, 2014 City Council Meeting

February 20, 2014

At the February 10, 2014 City Council meeting, consideration of the proposed open government ballot measure was continued to allow more time for the City Attorney, Californians Aware and my office to discuss issues raised in the City Attorney's February 10, 2014 memorandum released just before the Council meeting.

Over the course of the last week my office, Californians Aware and the City Attorney's Office have discussed the issues identified by the City Attorney in their February 10th memo and they have been addressed in the attached revisions, which includes a strikeout/underline version, clean version and explanation of changes. I appreciate the hard work and input by both the City Attorney and Californians Aware to produce these revisions on a short timeline. The attached revisions should be used for the purposes of discussion at the February 25, 2014 City Council meeting.

I feel strongly that implementing open government reform is critical at this point in our City's history. As such, amending our City Charter to make San Diego a leader in open government will send a clear message to the public that the City Council and Mayor are committed to making the City as open and transparent as possible. I look forward to a full discussion on this proposal at the full City Council to place these Charter amendments before the voters on the June 2014 ballot.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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