Request for Projects for Deferred Capital Bond Number Three

May 17, 2013

Many communities in District 8 have lacked adequate infrastructure investment for decades, resulting in an overall need for facilities, as opposed to deferred maintenance. As such the following project list contains a mix of projects that need to be constructed as well as deferred maintenance projects. I would urge you to perform a needs assessment in conjunction with updating condition assessments so as to account for the under-investment in these communities over the years. In response to your April 25, 2013, memorandum regarding priority projects for Deferred Capital Bond Number Three, I propose the following projects for funding:

Ocean View Hills Park Acreage: The Ocean View Hills community has three shovel-ready park projects that have a temporary funding gap totaling approximately $10 million. Each project is under the Otay Mesa Facilities Benefit Assessment. Due to the fact they are FBA funded, the opportunity for reimbursement to the city for project costs in the future exists, decreasing the actual cost of using bond funding for these specific projects. Utilizing bond funding to construct these parks would create approximately 24 acres of parkland in this area of the city, providing an immediate benefit to the community and a quicker pay down of bond debt, relieving the general fund of the long term burden of paying for these projects.

Pacific Breezes Neighborhood Park: This project constructs a 15 acre community park in Ocean View Hills that includes lighted softball fields, playground areas, comfort station, concession stand, storage, off street parking, turf areas, picnic shelters, benches, drinking fountain and storm water detention areas.

Riviera Del Sol Neighborhood Parle This project constructs a 4.9 acre neighborhood park in Ocean View Hills that includes turf areas, playground areas, a basketball court, benches, a drinking fountain, exercise stations and a storm water detention area.

Hidden Trails Neighborhood Park: This project constructs a 3.9 acre neighborhood park in Ocean View Hills that includes multi-purpose courts, children's play areas, comfort station, turfed areas, picnic facilities, walkways, security lighting, landscaping and storm water detention areas.

Silverwing Neighborhood Park Sports Field Lighting: This project provides for much needed sports field lighting for this park. This upgrade would extend the useful life of this facility and provide greater usage by the community. The project currently has a $600,000 funding gap.

Chicano Park ADA upgrades: This project provides for ADA upgrades at Chicano Park and allows for a 2 acre expansion of the park that includes comfort station upgrades, children's play areas, drinking fountains, park furniture, a skateboard park, lighting, and sports field lighting. Funding of the project will allow the city to meet State and Federal guidelines on accessibility standards, provides the community with significant upgrades to a historic area of the district and extends the useful life of the park. The funding gap for this project is approximately $2.2 million.

Villa Montezuma Museum Restoration: This project restores an important historical asset for the city, extends the life of the facility and would open the facility to the public. Restoration and repair work includes exterior painting, fencing, landscaping, replacement of heating, cooling and ventilation systems, plumbing/piping, electrical upgrades, ADA upgrades and restoration of historic stained glass windows. This project has a funding gap of approximately $500,000

Fire Station No. 6: This project provides for the first phase of repair and improvements to various items such as electrical, interior, exterior, HVAC. Project funding totals $337,914.

Logan Heights Infrastructure: The following infrastructure needs should be addressed in DC3:
Street Lighting:
Alleyway between Imperial A venue and Commercial Street (between 28th Street and 32nd Street)
Street Repair:
24th Street between Market and Imperial Avenue
25th Street between Market Street and Island A venue
27th Street between Market Street and Imperial A venue
28th Street between Ocean View and Island Street
30th Street between Ocean View and Island Street
K St. between 22nd and 32nd Streets
Commercial Street between 22nd and 32nd Streets
Island Avenue between 27th and 28th Streets
Cesar Chavez parkway between Commercial and Julian Avenue

Logan Ave/Sampson Street Sewer Main Repair: Due to damage to the sewer main, it is not functioning properly and needs critical repairs.

Completion of funding for construction of the San Ysidro Library: The current branch library in San Ysidro is one of the oldest (built in 1931), smallest (3,000 square feet) and outdated library facilities in the entire city. The construction of the new library has been long delayed. The design and construction of the library can move forward with complete funding. It is critical that this community need is adequately addressed, as it has been in many other communities in the city. This project has a current funding gap of approximately $6.2 million.

La Media Road Improvements: La Media Road, between I-905 and Siempre Viva Road in the Otay Mesa community, is a route used by commercial vehicles accessing the border. Significant improvements (such as widening) are required on La Media Road as the city moves forward with plans to improve the road, provide better access to commercial vehicles crossing the border and addressing significant flooding issues, which often make the road impassable. Currently, no CIP exists to address these deficiencies, which has prevented the project from moving forward and has hampered the city's ability to better facilitate international commerce.

Design Southwest Neighborhood Park in Otay Mesa/Nestor: The City owns undeveloped park land on 2?1h Street in the Otay Mesa/Nestor community. The design and development of the 11.4 acres into a Neighborhood Park was first proposed in 1992 and would provide much needed park space and be of great benefit to all members of the community. Children from Southwest Middle School as well as condominiums, apartments, and mobile homes within walking distance would benefit from the use. Currently no CIP exists for this project and in order to move forward funds need to be dedicated to the design of the park.

San Ysidro Pedestrian Bridge: A pedestrian bridge over the trolley tracks at Del Sur Boulevard would effectively connect Beyer Boulevard and South Vista Lane. This is an important link for the community to have to increase and encourage pedestrian access. A CIP should be created and designed for this project.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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