Transportation Transnet Fund Requests

February 26, 2013

In response to your February 12, 2013 memorandum requesting projects that would qualify for FY14 Transnet Funds I have identified the following projects for consideration. In addition to current projects funded by Transnet that should continue to move forward, such as Palm Ave roadway improvements, I would request the following projects be considered for Transnet funding in FY14:

• A traffic evaluation was conducted last year at Ocean View Boulevard and 31st Street. This intersection qualifies for traffic light. Request installation of a traffic light at this location.
• The intersection at 26th and Market is an unsafe area for pedestrians crossing the street between a bus stop and a local market. Request for a four way stop and installation of crosswalks.
• Commercial and Cesar E. Chavez/25th Street should be studied to synchronize traffic lights and trolley crossings to allow for improved traffic flow. Currently, traffic backs up because due to inefficient coordination of the traffic lights and trolley crossings.
• Traffic calming at the intersection of Market and 31st Street.

Thank you for your attention to these projects.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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