Why I Am Running

I can’t think of a better place to live and raise a family than San Diego’s South Bay.

My parents were immigrants who never owned a home but had big dreams for their six kids and they always taught us to work hard. I live in Logan Heights with my wife, two kids and our rescue dog. I’m running for Assembly because I’m worried about what kind of California we are leaving for our children. 

Driven by a strong sense of service rooted in my faith and upbringing, I ran for City Council because our South Bay neighborhoods were being neglected. Through hard work, we built the first new park in decades, built a new library in San Ysidro, and fixed hundreds of miles of streets in our neighborhoods. I fought hard for reform and also for sufficient funding for the San Diego Police Department to keep our neighborhoods safe

Thinking that elected office was behind me, I started my own small business and served as President of the Parent Teacher Association at Sherman Elementary. But every day we are confronted by the failures of our government. Our kids are suffering after over a year of distance learning, violent crime is up 16% in Chula Vista, 12% in National City, and 20% in San Diego, and homeless encampments are everywhere with people dying on the street from addiction and mental illness. 

I’m running for State Assembly because I’m worried about what kind of California we are leaving for our kids. Our problems are getting worse, and the solutions provided by our leaders are ineffective. Sacramento politicians are out of touch with the problems families face every day. I’ll confront our biggest problems head-on and pursue proven solutions.

We can change the direction of our politics but only by dreaming big and focusing on the needs of our kids, families, neighbors and the not special interests who have bought Sacramento.

It’s time to change Sacramento.

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“It is clear to me that our political system needs reform, that’s why I support the more choice SD initiative.” –David Alvarez