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$46.94 million in Budget Savings Proposed by Council Members

March 29, 2011

San Diego, CA- San Diego Council President Tony Young and Councilmember David Alvarez today released a proposed fiscal year 2012 budget. Their proposal saves the city nearly $47 million without cutting any vital services to the public.

Over the past few months, the City Council has seen a multitude of ideas that could generate savings in the City budget and alleviate the anticipated Fiscal Year 2012 budget deficit.  These ideas have come forward in a few different manners ranging from the City Council’s “Menu of Budget Options” and Councilmember DeMaio’s “Roadmap to Recovery” to the Citizens Fiscal Sustainability Task Force’s Analysis of the FY2012 Budget Deficit.  

After examining each of these plans, Council President Tony Young and Councilmember Alvarez have projected that the following package of budget proposals can realize $46.94 million in savings for Fiscal Year 2012 and cut the expected deficit to $7 million.  This package does not rely on any items that require meet and confer sessions with the recognized city employee bargaining units, and can be implemented through City Council and Mayoral action.  These savings are available to the city immediately.

“I am pleased that many items result in savings beyond Fiscal Year 2012, which could lower our budget deficits over the next five years and projects a surplus by 2015,” stated Council President Young.  “Further, incorporating this savings plan into the FY 2012 budget would result in no reduction in services to the public.”

The Councilmember’s budget savings proposal hopes to prevent any cuts to public services by eliminating 125 vacant positions and cutting department supplies and outside contracts.  “I commend Council President Young’s leadership for making tough budget decisions and protecting important city services,” Councilmember Alvarez said.  “For the first time in the Council’s history, the Council President is proactively offering budget savings proposals for inclusion in the Mayor’s budget.”

The cost reductions are organized into the following categories:

Underutilized Budget Surpluses
Eliminate 125 vacant positions, implement recovery auditing, release unclaimed funds after 1 year, transfer off-fund balances to general fund and anticipated FY11 budget surplus results in $16.98 million in savings.
Budget Cuts
Eliminate non-emergency personnel city cell phones, consolidation of public information officers, 7% cut to supplies and outside contracts, eliminate commercial trash pickup, eliminate 10 management analyst positions and 9th Council District budget neutrality for a savings of $12.15 million.
New Revenue
Sale of underutilized assets to pay down debt, false fire alarm fee, enhanced marketing partnerships, high rise fire inspection fee and parking meter utilization plan result in over $9.5 million in total savings.
$3.5 million in savings for Transfer of Convention Center Phase 2 payments to CCDC and accelerated payment of GF debt by RDA.
Managed Competition and Outsourcing
$4.77 in total FY 12 savings due to managed competition for fleet services, managed competition for publishing and sale of city streetlights.

“Solving the structural deficit is of critical importance to our city,” Young said. “And the Council and I remain committed to protecting our public’s services while decreasing the budget deficit.”

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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