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Assembly Passes with Bi-Partisan Support AB 1472 to Strengthen RV Park Tenant Protections

May 8, 2023

Sacramento, California – Today, the Assembly approved with bi-partisan support Assembly Bill 1472, which would prohibit recreational vehicle (RV) parks from evicting and re-registering tenants to prevent the tenants from gaining resident status. The RV Shuffle is a practice that involves evicting and relocating tenants and their RVs from an authorized RV park every six months. This is done to avoid tenants gaining a certain tenancy status that would provide them with substantive tenant protections.

"We must protect our most vulnerable people and ensure they are not subjected to unnecessary financial and emotional hardship," said Assemblymember David Alvarez. "Unfortunately, many constituents, especially elderly adults on fixed incomes, have resorted to RV living in part due to California's significant affordable housing shortage. We should not be evicting residents who have found suitable shelter and can abide by all other rules, including paying their monthly rent."

The RV Shuffle forces these residents to pay for hotel accommodation and relocation of their RV during their 48-hour eviction until they return to continue residing in their RV in an authorized RV park. These are unnecessary costs that many of these impacted families cannot afford in most cases. The RV Shuffle is causing financial hardship and emotional and psychological stress on vulnerable populations throughout California.

AB 1472 will now move to the State Senate and will be heard in a policy committee at a date to be determined.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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