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Councilmember Alvarez Urges City to Prepare for El Niño Winter Storms

October 7, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 7, 2015) - Environment Committee Chair David Alvarez today urged the City to consider declaring a State of Emergency for badly maintained channels.  Alvarez urged City departments to immediately begin work to clear high risk flood areas that could severely impact San Diegans.

“The City must be prepared to protect residents and businesses that are at risk for extreme flooding,” said Alvarez.  “Acting now to perform channel maintenance in areas that typically flood is critical to ensuring the safety of our communities and avoiding the devastation we have seen in other areas of the country that have been hit hard by storms and flooding.”  Alvarez also requested that a hotline be made available at all hours during storms for the public to receive up-to-date information.

The Environment Committee received an update from Professor Daniel Cayan of Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  Scripps researchers have concluded that there is a 95% chance of El Nino conditions continuing through this coming winter.  “Researchers are confident that Southern California will see El Niño conditions this winter.  I intend to work closely with City departments to ensure we are prepared and ready when the winter storms hit,” concluded Alvarez.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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