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Immigration Reform Passes Rules Committee

April 9, 2013

San Diego, CA- City Councilmember David Alvarez is pleased to announce that his proposed Immigration Reform Resolution passed out of City Council today unanimously.  

“As a border city with a diverse population of immigrants, it is imperative that San Diego weigh in on the issue of immigration reform and offer common sense solutions that work for our residents, communities, businesses and most importantly, provide a pathway to citizenship,” said Councilmember Alvarez.  “This is a civil rights issue for millions of Americans and of immigrants.  We want comprehensive immigration reform that leads to a pathway to citizenship. That is the goal of this reform.”

The bipartisan resolution was a collaborative effort of many organizations including the San Diego Table on Immigration Policy.  There are currently bipartisan discussions occurring at the federal level regarding a proposed or adopted policy nationally and a tentative agreement has been reached on several issues, including the establishment of a path to citizenship and the creation of a system to assess the state of border security.  

Alvarez, whose father immigrated to the United States from Mexico as part of the Bracero Program, emphasizes how lack of reform hurts people, our economy, and our country as a whole. “Reforming our current legal immigration system will build the economy and strengthen American families by better recognizing the importance of an improved process,” said Alvarez.  “I support a reasonable and wide-ranging approach to reforming the now broken immigration system that protects children, youth, and their families.”

Alvarez is the Councilmember for the Eighth Council District of the City of San Diego, which includes the communities of Barrio Logan, Egger Highlands, Grant Hill, Logan Heights, Memorial, Nestor, Ocean View Hills, Otay Mesa East and West, San Ysidro, Sherman Heights, Stockton and the Tijuana River Valley.  He is currently the chair of the City Council’s Natural Resources and Culture committee.

David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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