Opportunities Through Arts and Culture

I believe that the communities in District 80 are rich in culture and art, and it is essential to preserve them. As a child, I loved learning about Mexican-American history through the colorful murals in Chicano Park and attending Chula Vista’s yearly lemon festival to learn about the city's rich agricultural history. 

I strongly believe in the transformative power of arts and culture, yet our education system has consistently overlooked their importance, leaving many underserved communities without adequate access to these enriching experiences. It is clear that there is a need for significant action and policy changes in Sacramento to rectify this disparity.

But so far, we fought and won:


First Library Built in Chula Vista Since 1995

David believes libraries are gateways to knowledge and success and that’s why he felt a strong sense of accomplishment when he successfully fought for a new library in Eastlake, Chula Vista. This will be the first new library in Chula Vista in nearly three decades.

First Library Built in San Ysidro Since 1924

Before securing the funds to build the Chula Vista library, as council member, David built San Ysidro’s first library in 95 years. The 15,000 square-foot facility was designed with input from the community and is more than three-times the size of the original San Ysidro Library. It features modern amenities, including children and young adult areas, meeting spaces, a computer lab, a 3D printer, a multi-purpose community room, and an outdoor movie screen.

Fighting to Stop The Ban on Cruising

In 2023, David introduced the Cruising Is Not A Crime bill, AB 436, a bill that removes the authorization for a local authority to adopt rules and regulations related to cruising. The current law, prohibiting lowriding or cruising, has been in place since 1988. As a Mexican-American, David is fighting to acknowledge classic cars and cruising as an expression of art and culture identity. 

Art Programs Funding

During his time in Council, David funded the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and Classics 4 Kids Organization. Classics For Kids is an educational performing arts organization dedicated to inspire children through the experience of live music. As an avid saxophone player during his college years, David is passionate about supporting music programs for kids. 

Additionally, through the Community Projects, Programs & Services (CPPS), David allocated funds to Museums for the Arts and Young Audiences of San Diego, an organization ​​dedicated to making the arts an essential part of all young people's education in the San Diego Region.

Cultural Recognition of Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan has been a vibrant art community for decades with Chicano Park as its crown jewel. In the past decade, the neighborhood has received the recognition it deserves and the area has experienced drastic revitalization. In 2016, Chicano Park was named a national historic landmark, and in 2017, Barrio Logan was named one of California’s premier cultural districts by the California Arts Council. Soon, the neighborhood will also have a Chicano Park Museum to highlight how the park’s murals were created.

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