Opportunity Through Education 

No matter who you are or where you come from, who your parents are, or how much education those around you have, a good education can make a huge impact in one’s life and is the catalyst in providing better opportunities for the future. I’m evidence that the challenges and barriers are real and the opportunities that can come from education are real. 

I was the first one in my family to attend college, and I believe that college should be accessible for everybody. Unfortunately, financial burdens and other barriers often prevent high school students from applying to the college of their choice, hindering their opportunities for success.

In addition to financial barriers, children and youth in District 80 face other challenges, such as being English language learners, having parents with little or no higher education, and a lack of awareness of available services. I understand these challenges firsthand, as my own parents were not English speakers and struggled to navigate educational opportunities for their children. As a result, my siblings and I missed out on many opportunities.

As a passionate advocate for education, I am determined to make a lasting impact by ensuring that educational opportunities are expanded and accessible to all, but there is still much work ahead in Sacramento to achieve this goal.

But so far, we fought and won:


Historic Investment in TK-12th Grade Education

David voted for a State Budget that includes a historic investment in TK-12th grade education. Our kids are still behind after two years of pandemic learning loss. The achievement gap has grown and a majority of kids are currently reading and writing below their grade level. This funding will allow all school districts to expand their before and after school options and makes California the first state in the nation with a Universal Meal Program for students.

“Education remains my top priority, that’s why I voted for a State Budget that includes a historic investment in K-12 education.”

Funding Secured to Build the Chula Vista Cinematic Arts and Academic Center

In 2022, David secured $25 million to begin building the Chula Vista Cinematic Arts and Academic Center and has partnered with San Diego State University to bring a 4-year degree program to Chula Vista. Bringing a university to the South Bay has been a goal of our region for over 30 years. Additionally, David recently introduced the Chula Vista University bill, AB 837, which would secure 383 acres for the City of Chula Vista. The bill would give the city an exemption to the Surplus Lands Act for the land that has been acquired for the University-Innovation District. As Assemblymember, David will continue to work to secure additional funding to expand this new facility and to bring more higher education opportunities to the South Bay.

Introduced Legislation for Low-Income Students

David introduced the Bi-national Tuition Exemption Pilot Program for Local Community Colleges bill, AB 91, which will allow low-income students who reside within 45 miles from the California-Mexico border to attend local community colleges. David believes we live in a dynamic border region where we need to educate more students to fill the jobs required for growth. This bill will allow low-income residents who live close to the border to attend local community colleges.

According to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, San Diego must double the amount of people with post-secondary education by 2030 to meet the demands of the local economy. That equates to approximately 20,000 new skilled workers each year.

Saving San Diego High School

San Diego High School is the oldest high school in San Diego county and the only one that serves many nearby communities like Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, Golden Hill, and North Park. As a San Diego High alumnus, David championed the successful passage of San Diego City Proposition I in 2016, which enabled the school to renew its lease and remain in Balboa Park, preserving access to high quality education to many families in the area. 

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David Alvarez with District 80 residents


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